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Second Printing

Originally released July 11,2010

Softcover ISBN 978-0-9826140-3-7

E-book ISBN 978-0-9826140-4-4

1st Place Florida Writers Association Literary Award 2010 (Women’s Fiction)


Help! I think I’m turning into my mother!

College senior Eve Roberts is dumped by her boyfriend and, with nowhere else to go, returns home to her mother for comfort.  What was she thinking?  They agreed to spend a weekend on a Florida beach contemplating rum drinks, men, and bathing suits, but the tension in their relationship mounts as Eve’s mother can’t stop giving advice. They trace  their shared struggles back through  five generations of O’Malley women and conclude that every daughter lives a trilogy – her own story intertwined with her mother’s and her grandmother’s — and Eve learns that growing up to be like her mother might not be so bad after all.

Set on a Florida beach over a long weekend, Trilogy explores the nature of the mother-daughter bond, its inevitabilities and its creative possibilities. It gives hope and insight into the mother/daughter dilemma.


Isn’t that our worst fear, turning into our mother?  As women, we make sure to be as different from them as possible, but inevitably those moments of recognition creep in as we grow older. Women of all ages will find truth in the Trilogy story, as it explores the many roles we play–mother, daughter, lover, friend, and with any luck something of the person we were born to be inside ourselves. I liked the theme of a trilogy. Every woman’s story is actually three–our lives are split from the effects of three generations.

I always say we’ll never screw our kids up in the same way our parents did.  We screw them up in all new and different ways.  The family issues explored in Trilogy transcend the sex of the family members; its themes of parental separation, adolescent identity, middle-age crisis, romantic attachment and parenting are universal. This novel explores the patterns and experiences that are handed down from generation to generation, irrevocably changing the course of a daughter’s life.


“Family is at the heart of first-time novelist Janice M. Van Dyck…the author explores the mother-daughter relationship with humor, grace and considerable insight.  There isn’t a woman alive who will not instantly recognize the sinews of this story, the bonds between the female generations within a family, along with the hopes that accompany them.” –

“This novel was difficult to put down once I started to read it.  It is an exploration of…female relationships, and fascinating within that scope…The O’Malley Trilogy is an entertaining and enlightening book whose wisdom will stay with me for some time.” -Judge for the Writers Digest 15th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards (Rating:  4.5 out of 5)



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