J. M. Van Dyck is an award-winning novelist and freelance writer. Her published articles take on issues of change and transition.  Her fiction provides insight into families, relationships and the conflict of being human. She was born in Philadelphia and now resides on Florida’s left coast.


My goal is to write books that are true. When you read them, I want you to recognize yourself and the people you know.  I want to create characters and situations that are commonplace, yet lend insight at a deeper level so you are left thinking for a while after you close the book.  Isn’t that what books are supposed to do?

While I always wanted to be a writer, I found myself climbing the corporate ladder for over twenty years while I raised my daughter.  I eventually landed a senior executive position, where I specialized in corporate communications, strategic planning and organizational development.  These skills turned out to be vital as I transitioned into writing fiction in 2004.  They gave me the ability to understand my audience, to put a story together, to tell it clearly and to move the consensus from one point to another.  I tell stories that catch your attention, give a new perspective, and motivate you to keep thinking about the topic long after the story is over.