Accolades (Part 2)

14 01 2011

Okay, okay. So my novels won awards in the Florida Writers Association 2010 literary competition. I have the awards with my name etched on them. It felt good when they called my name and people clapped. It felt good when I put them in my suitcase and carried them home. It felt good when I put them on my bookshelf.

But that was a few months ago now, and I hardly look at them any more. What have I done for me lately?

Well, today’s big story, my first, in The Huffington Post living section (lead article WITH a photo!) was a big one. And the Psychology Today article earlier this month was a big one, too. Last month I spoke to about 175 doctors, nurses and social workers as an invited speaker at a conference on Narrative Ethics. That was a really big deal. And today I have another internet radio appearance.

Life is good. But living is better.

I used to have a note posted on my computer when I worked in an office. It said,

“Are you living life or are you living A life?”

I kept it there for many years and looked at it many times…while I was working on a spreadsheet…or writing a press release…or on the telephone…or in a conversation with someone on the other side of my desk…or planning what I was going to do next.

It was a constant reminder to make every single day count, not just check it off on the to do list.

I am reminded of that today, celebrating my writing victories and thinking of how much I have to fit into the time before I walk the dogs at dusk.

This is my life. MY life. My LIFE. And it’s a good one.

What have YOU done for YOU lately?